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Electronic target

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EFT-1 (art.970)
• The EFT-1 has 5 targets, each with a red light at the center that lights up to signal when it should be attacked and turns green when hit.
• Completely programmable by the fencing master, who can prepare 9 different exercises, setting various parameters for each one.
• Students can easily choose the best exercises for their individual needs, level, and specific areas of improvement.
• The student sees the response time of every hit and the average time for the exercise when it is completed. This is helpful for the fencing master to evaluate the student’s level and decide when to pass on to more difficult exercises.
• A shock absorbing system prevents hits from deteriorating the weapon tips.
• The special wall mounts that come with the target make it possible in a matter of seconds to adjust the EFT-1 to students of any height by positioning it at 8 cm intervals to one of the 6 available heights.
• The valid target area changes depending on the speed of the impact, and the peripheral area around the target requires greater impact force than the part in the center. This means that slower actions, like those performed from a resting position, require greater precision, while quicker actions, such as those prepared by footwork, are allowed more tolerance.
• Power supply: 12V DC/AC 300 mA. The EFT-1 is provided with a 100-240V/12Vdc AC Power Adaptor; the type of plug can be specified when ordering. Power can also be supplied using an external rechargeable battery (see Optional Accessories, Item 828).

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